Meet the Artist


Meet The Artist ...

Natalie Buck is an international award winning Fine Art Photographer specializing in Newborn and Portrait Photography. She resides in the woods of Bridgewater Connecticut with her husband and two miniature dachshunds. She is known for her artistic approach and unique use of light bringing out the organic beauty in her subjects.  

Born in Australia, she moved to the USA as 5 time National Australian Ice Dance Champion. After retiring from competitive world figure skating she picked up her camera and fell in love with the art of photography with a fierce passion.

Specializing in Newborn Photography, she spends her days creating beautiful custom designed sessions for her newborn babies. Her newborn photography is described as natural and organic, fused with an artistic creativity. She has won numerous international awards for her Newborn Photography. Natalie aims to capture those first few weeks of your newborns life that are so full of beauty and innocence.

 In addition to Newborn Photography, Natalie also specializes in Family and Children Photography. "Life is a journey full of little moments that intertwine to create our very own story. Photographs bring our stories to life". She is passionate about capturing those precious moments and preserving the memories so they can be enjoyed forever. In every session she aims to capture emotion and connection between her families.  Her Family sessions are shot on location utilizing the natural surroundings and creating magic with light. 

In her free time you will find her chasing the Wild Assateague & Chincateague ponies and in search of the Australian Snowy Mountain Brumbies. She has a passion for Wild Horses, with a dream to one day photograph all the wild horses of the world.

When Natalie is not pursuing her photography interests, she is outside enjoying nature, playing with her dachshunds, riding her motorcycle and spending time with her family and friends. 

She is down to earth, passionate and light hearted. Her goal is to turn your precious memories into works of art. 

May the SUN bring you new energy by day.

May the MOON softly restore you by night.May the RAIN wash away your worries.

May the BREEZE blow new strength into your being.

May you walk GENTLY through the World and know it's BEAUTY all the days of your LIFE.