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Valentine’s Day Newborn Photography

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I can’t say that Valentine’s Day is one of my all time favorite holidays BUT, anytime we have an opportunity to share love is a great day! And no woman I know is going to deny the opportunity for flowers and chocolates! My husband and I try to keep it a low profile and usually do our dinner the night before to avoid the ‘crowds’ and gift each other gifts that we have ‘made’. This year he made me some beautiful interlocking hearts he carved out of wood. Yep, he is totally the romantic one out of the two of us. He gets all the ‘Brownie Points’ (I am not sure you even have that saying here in the USA). Me, well I am going to try and scrounge together some ingredients today and bake a cheesecake somewhere in between a full day of work, dragging the dog to the vet for his liver tests and taking the car in for a service. So Romantic! But hey, it’s the thought that counts. I don’t know about you, but I feel like it is the other 364 days of the year that count too!


Newborn Photographer near me - Connecticut USA Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day itself may not be a big holiday for me, but I love how things inspire me to be creative and think outside the box. I bought two dozen Roses for my girlfriend a little while back after her father had passed, and circumstances made it so that I just never got a chance to give them to her. So instead of letting them wither away in a vase, I took them into the studio and created some beautiful Newborn Photography Backdrops with them. It makes my heart happy to think that these images came from the roses that were meant for my friend and the memory of her loving father. A few hours in the studio and many more hours in Photoshop and this is what Valentine’s Day inspired me to come up with. I am excited to say that after entering the above image into a photography contest it received an award!

The following image has to be one of my favorites I think. She looks so peaceful there sleeping on a Bed of Roses. Something almost from a fairytale. I love being able to create art from Newborn Photography, incorporating the elements of nature into my work. Newborns are so innocent and precious, and although I love to create these beautiful photos, I love to keep them pure and organic.


Valentines Day Newborn Baby Photograph - Connecticut newborn Photographer


So, On this Valentines Day, I hope you are able to enjoy the love. The special kind of love that involves chocolate and flowers, or just the real kind of love that you share 365 days of the year. Either way, give somebody a hug and tell them you love them. The world is just a better place when we say I LOVE YOU!


Valentines Day Newborn Baby Photograph - Connecticut newborn Photographer


Natalie Buck is an award winning Newborn & Maternity Photographer based in Connecticut, USA. Her work is a fusion of organic and creative art incorporating the elements of nature. Thinking about capturing some beautiful photos of your Newborn Baby or documenting your pregnancy. Natalie is now booking into 2018. Contact Natalie today to start planning you Maternity & Newborn Session. To view more of her beautiful work, visit her Newborn and Maternity Galleries. 

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